Package org.rosuda.JRclient

Class Summary
jcrypt Java-based implementation of the unix crypt command Based upon C source code written by Eric Young,
RBool Implementation of tri-state logical data type in R.
Rconnection class providing TCP/IP connection to an Rserv
REXP representation of R-eXpressions in Java
RFactor representation of a factor variable.
RFileInputStream RFileInputStream is an InputStream to transfer files from Rserve server to the client.
RFileOutputStream RFileOutputStream is an OutputStream to transfer files from the client to Rserve server.
RList implementation of R-lists
This is rather preliminary and may change in future since it's not really proper.
Rpacket small class encapsulating packets from/to Rserv
Rtalk This class encapsulates the QAP1 protocol used by Rserv.

Exception Summary