Class InteractiveConsole

  extended byorg.python.util.PythonInterpreter
      extended byorg.python.util.InteractiveInterpreter
          extended byorg.python.util.InteractiveConsole
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public class InteractiveConsole
extends InteractiveInterpreter

Field Summary
 String filename
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Constructor Summary
InteractiveConsole(PyObject locals)
InteractiveConsole(PyObject locals, String filename)
Method Summary
static String getDefaultBanner()
 void interact()
          Closely emulate the interactive Python console.
 void interact(String banner)
 boolean push(String line)
          Push a line to the interpreter.
 String raw_input(PyObject prompt)
          Write a prompt and read a line.
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Field Detail


public String filename
Constructor Detail


public InteractiveConsole()


public InteractiveConsole(PyObject locals)


public InteractiveConsole(PyObject locals,
                          String filename)
Method Detail


public void interact()
Closely emulate the interactive Python console. The optional banner argument specifies the banner to print before the first interaction; by default it prints a banner similar to the one printed by the real Python interpreter, followed by the current class name in parentheses (so as not to confuse this with the real interpreter -- since it's so close!).


public static String getDefaultBanner()


public void interact(String banner)


public boolean push(String line)
Push a line to the interpreter. The line should not have a trailing newline; it may have internal newlines. The line is appended to a buffer and the interpreter's runsource() method is called with the concatenated contents of the buffer as source. If this indicates that the command was executed or invalid, the buffer is reset; otherwise, the command is incomplete, and the buffer is left as it was after the line was appended. The return value is 1 if more input is required, 0 if the line was dealt with in some way (this is the same as runsource()).


public String raw_input(PyObject prompt)
Write a prompt and read a line. The returned line does not include the trailing newline. When the user enters the EOF key sequence, EOFError is raised. The base implementation uses the built-in function raw_input(); a subclass may replace this with a different implementation.