Class PyArray

  extended byorg.python.core.PyObject
      extended byorg.python.core.PySequence
          extended byorg.python.core.PyArray
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class PyArray
extends PySequence

A wrapper class around native java arrays. Instances of PyArray are created either by java functions or directly by the jarray module.

See also the jarray module.

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Serialized Form

Field Summary
static PyClass __class__
Fields inherited from class org.python.core.PySequence
Constructor Summary
PyArray(Class type, int n)
PyArray(Class type, Object data)
Method Summary
 int __len__()
          Equivalent to the standard Python __len__ method.
 PyString __repr__()
          Equivalent to the standard Python __repr__ method.
 Object __tojava__(Class c)
          Equivalent to the Jython __tojava__ method.
static PyArray array(PyObject seq, Class ctype)
static Class char2class(char type)
 String tostring()
static PyArray zeros(int n, Class ctype)
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Field Detail


public static PyClass __class__
Constructor Detail


public PyArray(Class type,
               Object data)


public PyArray(Class type,
               int n)
Method Detail


public static PyArray zeros(int n,
                            Class ctype)


public static PyArray array(PyObject seq,
                            Class ctype)


public static Class char2class(char type)


public Object __tojava__(Class c)
Description copied from class: PyObject
Equivalent to the Jython __tojava__ method. Tries to coerce this object to an instance of the requested Java class. Returns the special object Py.NoConversion if this PyObject can not be converted to the desired Java class.

__tojava__ in class PySequence


public int __len__()
Description copied from class: PyObject
Equivalent to the standard Python __len__ method. Part of the mapping discipline.

__len__ in class PyObject
the length of the object


public String tostring()


public PyString __repr__()
Description copied from class: PyObject
Equivalent to the standard Python __repr__ method. This method should not typically need to be overrriden. The easiest way to configure the string representation of a PyObject is to override the standard Java toString method.

__repr__ in class PyObject