Class Colors

  extended bycom.hp.hpl.guess.ui.Colors

public abstract class Colors
extends Object

a dummy class to hold the various colors for use in the display. Intended to elliminate redundancy.

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Field Summary
static Hashtable colors
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static String averageColor(Color c1, Color c2)
static String averageColor(String c1, String c2)
static ArrayList generateColors(Color sColor, Color mColor, Color eColor, int inBetween)
static ArrayList generateColors(Color startColor, Color endColor, int inBetween)
static ArrayList generateColors(String startC, String endC, int inBetween)
static ArrayList generateColors(String startC, String middleC, String endC, int inBetween)
static Color getColor(String name, Color def)
static void main(String[] args)
static void putColor(String name, GuessColor clr)
static String randomColor()
static String randomColor(int alpha)
static String RGBtoHex(Color color)
static String toString(Color c)
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Field Detail


public static Hashtable colors
Constructor Detail


public Colors()
Method Detail


public static void main(String[] args)


public static String RGBtoHex(Color color)


public static void putColor(String name,
                            GuessColor clr)


public static Color getColor(String name,
                             Color def)


public static String toString(Color c)


public static String randomColor()


public static String randomColor(int alpha)


public static String averageColor(String c1,
                                  String c2)


public static String averageColor(Color c1,
                                  Color c2)


public static ArrayList generateColors(String startC,
                                       String endC,
                                       int inBetween)


public static ArrayList generateColors(Color startColor,
                                       Color endColor,
                                       int inBetween)


public static ArrayList generateColors(String startC,
                                       String middleC,
                                       String endC,
                                       int inBetween)


public static ArrayList generateColors(Color sColor,
                                       Color mColor,
                                       Color eColor,
                                       int inBetween)