Class OrderedSet

  extended byjava.util.AbstractCollection
      extended byjava.util.AbstractList
          extended byjava.util.ArrayList
              extended bycom.hp.hpl.guess.layout.OrderedSet
All Implemented Interfaces:
Cloneable, Collection, List, RandomAccess, Serializable

public class OrderedSet
extends ArrayList
implements Serializable

OrderedSet is needed so that we can produce consistent layouts. We need a consistent order (not a particular order) in neighbor, predecessor, and successor sets as well as the sets of edges, outgoingEdges, and IncomingEdges. Notice that no particular operator has been applied to this set. The point is simply that iterators for other types of sets may return elements in a different order every time. We need to use a Set because we don't want duplicates.

Hacked by Eytan Adar for Guess
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Serialized Form

Field Summary
static OrderedSet nullValue
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 boolean add(Object object)
 boolean addAll(Collection set)
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Field Detail


public static final OrderedSet nullValue
Constructor Detail


public OrderedSet()
Method Detail


public boolean add(Object object)
Specified by:
add in interface List


public boolean addAll(Collection set)
Specified by:
addAll in interface List